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Remote Productions

  • Libero Highlight and Libero Offside come as one-box-solutions for easy integration into your remote production. No additional infrastructure is required in the stadium. All processing is image-based. Thanks to full integration with EVS protocols, setup time at the stadium is less than 20 minutes. Synchronized camera feeds available at your remote production make selection and preparation of LiberoVision clips as easy as possible.

Studio Productions

  • You only have access to a multilateral feed at your studio? Or you only have a clip compilation available? No problem for Libero Highlight. Thanks to a full image-based processing, Libero Highlight is a perfect tool for studio productions. Use any source (EVS, Quantel, tape, ...) and a clean signal as input and generate perfect 3D flights and perspectives from your headquarter. Setup time is below 20 minutes and the production team is impressed by the ease of integration.

Integrated with Vizrt's Broadcast Tools

  • Send Libero Highlight clips directly to your Viz Engine and play out LiberoVision clips directly from scenes created in Viz Artist as part of the Vizrt graphics.
  • Related metadata can accompany the clips so that 3D calibration and keying info is available at playout on the Viz Engine. This allows for tied-to-field graphics using powerful, customized Vizrt graphics. The integrated workflow of LiberoVision and Vizrt is a one-stop sports solution that gives you complete control of your sports content.
  • Clips can be added to playlists in Viz Trio or Viz Content Pilot as part of a larger scene with real time 3D graphics enhancing the clip presentation.
  • Viz Anchor can take control with full preview capability and your sports presenters can drive the show.
  • Read more about your options to integrate LiberoVision with Vizrt and see a video of the LiberoVision/Vizrt offering presented at IBC 2011.

Interactive Shows

  • Use our interactive telestrator in combination with Libero Highlight to make your analysis show even more dynamic. The interactive telestrator is available for football, American football, basketball, baseball, rugby, and ice hockey. Empower your expert with an intuitive tool and increase the involvement of your viewers. Enhancing your expert's explanations with numerous features and drawings is not only of great illustrative value for your viewers, but also provides an additional element for your analysis show.

Content Sponsoring

  • Embedding virtual advertisements into the generated content provides an excellent opportunity for your commercial partners to place their brand. Content sponsoring allows for the placement of tied-to-pitch advertising banners in a perspectively correct and unobtrusive way. The advertisements are perfectly embedded – for example placed on the pitch – and will not affect your viewer's perception of the scene.

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