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Libero Highlight – Highlights. Enhanced.

Key Features

  • Realistic 3D replays indistinguishable from TV cameras
  • Novel perspectives for bringing viewers inside the game
  • Ultimate insights using powerful telestration tools
  • Intuitive interactive interface for live game analyses
  • One-box solution for easy production integration

Your benefits

  • Impress your viewers with illustrative, but realistic 3D game analyses
  • Empower your expert with easy-to-use live interaction options
  • Please your producer by not requiring any additional infrastructure in the stadium
  • Inspire your advertisers with spectacular 3D content
  • Exploit synergies by using Libero Highlight for different sports

Libero Highlight offers a wide range of 3D analysis tools that will bring your sports program to a new dimension. With Libero Highlight, TV viewers will get unprecedented insight into controversial or tactically interesting sports scenes. Based on the existing TV images only, Libero Highlight generates arbitrary virtual camera images that appear deceptively realistic. Seamlessly combine eye-catching 3D replays with powerful dynamic telestration to enhance your sports broadcasts. It does not require any additional infrastructure in the stadium making it suitable not only for hassle-free remote productions but also for fully-featured studio applications. An interactive telestration and annotation system combines the full flexibility of Libero Highlight's 3D scenes with an intuitive interactive user interface for TV experts.

To get a picture overview of some annotation tools and 3D perspectives, have a look at the Unlimited Possibilities [PDF].


Please contact LiberoVision Sales for a free demo at your headquarters or any further information.

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