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September 26, 2012

Grasshopper Club Zurich to use LiberoVision

The Swiss record champion in football Grasshopper Club Zurich (GC) and LiberoVision, a Vizrt company, are joining forces since the begin of this season. GC is using the high-tech sports analysis from LiberoVision for its coaching. The football coaching staff is using the 3D analyses for the tactical preparation and review of their games and competitors.

The Swiss Company LiberoVision, which grew within five years from an ETH-spin-off to the global leader for sports analysis in broadcasting, is known mainly from the TV market. More than 40 broadcasters worldwide like ESPN, Univision, Canal+, ZDF, or Televisa count on the spectacular 3D-analyses from LiberoVision.
Beside the famous 3D-analyisis from broadcasting, Grasshopper Club is using the complete set of tied-to-field graphics for visualization of tactical formations, attack schemes, player paths, open spaces, etc. for their tactical team sessions. The enhanced analysis is well appreciated both by players and coaches. According to head coach Uli Forte, they have contributed significantly to the good start in the new season: “The tactical video analysis for pre- and post-game sessions has improved a lot. The analysis tool facilitates the visualization and communication between the coach and the players. Due to the embedding of the analysis in the real TV-image the tactical directions are more tangible and easier to understand for the players compared to the traditional tactical board without reference to the real game play. The professional tactics sessions are an important component of our tactical progress this season.
LiberoVision CEO Stephan Würmlin Stadler amends: “Since company foundation of LiberoVision the coaching application was an obvious and appealing potential. After focusing on the TV market at the beginning, we are proud to accomplish our first steps from the TV screen to the digital playbook of sport teams with a local and prestigious club like GC.”
The insights from this collaboration with GC should not only help to attract more clubs for the coaching application, but should also lead to further projects with clubs and stadium owners. Würmlin Stadler admits: ”Especially European Top football clubs and American teams from the NFL, NBA and NHL ask occasionally for use of our 3D analysis system. Beside coaching there is much more potential at sport clubs, for example in areas like scouting, VIP hospitality or hospitality TV.”
The Grasshopper Club Zurich is looking forward to the close collaboration with LiberoVision and congratulates the founders to their successful way they went through since the company foundation.

Read the full media release from Grasshopper Club Zurich on their webpage..

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