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July 30, 2010

LiberoVision at FIFA World Cup 2010

LiberoVision’s premium accounts (ESPN, ZDF, BBC, and Sky Italia) were given early access to the extended feature version of Libero Highlight and reported great success during the FIFA World Cup 2010. Millions of viewers were attracted by the realistically looking 3D game analyses. Without requiring any infrastructure in the stadium (e.g. no calibration heads), the broadcasters were capable of creating astonishing views and insights into controversial situations of this year’s World Cup. Libero Highlight analyses are possible even when having only access to the program or the highlights feed. Thus, broadcasters were especially excited about the flexibility in where to install the LiberoVision system ranging from close to the studio in the IBC, close to the studio at one of the World Cup stadiums, to installation at the headquarter in their home country.

See the ZDF case study.

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