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March 1, 2010

LiberoVision Operator of the Year 2009

On February 12, 2010, the award committee has awarded Brian J. Clark the "LiberoVision Operator of the Year 2009" award. His efforts and committment during the past year and also his ground-breaking hockey prototype have conviced the committee without doubt. Additionally, his unprecedented work, company internal support services, and valuable feedback provided LiberoVision exceeded the expectations of LiberoVision operations.

Brian J. Clark has received his LiberoVision Operator diploma on May 22, 2008. His LiberoVision experience includes uncounted productions during the UEFA EURO 2008, National Football League, National Basketball League. He has been initially trained with DiscoverEye 1.0, and quickly adopted to DiscoverEye 2.0. During the years, he also performed various in-house trainings for other operators of ESPN Inc. He is proficient with remote and studio productions and proved to be a very reliable operator during the past years for his employer ESPN Inc.

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