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May 4, 2012

Libero Playbook is taking off, Baseball for Korea

In recent months, various partnerships could be realized all over the globe: Libero Playbook, LiberoVision's super-fast 3D analysis and telestration system, is getting more and more traction in the United States, whereas MBC Sports from South Korea started with LiberoVision for Baseball. Beside this, several Broadcasters, mainly in Europe, already took advantage of LiberoVision's dedicated and attractively priced promotion package for UEFA EURO 2012. A separate release on this will be published soon.

In the USA, both MLB Network and Turner Sports extended their use of LiberoVision by adding Libero Playbook super-fast in-game analyses to their already existing post show clips with Libero Highlight. Both began with Baseball, and recently the Libero Playbook version for Basketball has been released for Turner's NBA playoff coverage. Basketball is the fourth sport that can benefit from Libero Playbook, besides Football, American Football, and Baseball. The extension to Football was sought after for a long time outside North America and is key to further continue Libero Playbook's success story.

The first member from Korea to join the LiberoVision family is MBC Sports. They began using Libero Highlight for their daily highlight show of the domestic Baseball league in March.

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