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Swiss Football with LiberoVision

Axpo Super League
Switzerland's top league, the Axpo Super League, is live broadcasted by Teleclub, Switzerland's most popular Pay-TV company. The highlights of every top game are enhanced using Libero Highlight. The most important scenes of every half time are shown from novel, interesting perspectives to give the viewers at home novel insights and a resource for a short tactical analysis of the scene.
"For broadcasting almost all of the Swiss National League matches LiberoVision became one of our key innovation tools. Thanks to LiberoVision our football community is in a position to be even closer to the pitch and to the decisive scenes than anybody else. LiberoVision is a top attraction for Teleclub and we are pleased to be a partner since the beginning."
Roger Feiner, Head of Sport, Teleclub, Switzerland

Editorial Integration

Teleclub Sport
The Libero Highlight operator sits right next to the highlights editor and the highlights operator in the OB Van. Thanks to that, the Libero Highlight operator is always up-to-date with the selected scenes for the highlights program which he will reproduce from novel viewpoints. During the game, the Libero Highlight operator can communicate directly to the editor, operator, and moderator of the highlights program to discuss the desired viewpoints and to be able to adapt the already produced sequences. With that setup, resolving any tight offside situation, to create birds's eye views and dive into the scene to focus onto the relevant action is fully integrated into the editorial pipeline.
"The virtual cameras of LiberoVision facilitate the analysis of football games in a completely new form. With these technical opportunities Teleclub can provide its viewers exclusive insights into controversial scenes."
Adrian Fetscherin, Chief Sport Editor, Teleclub, Switzerland

Technical Integration

OB Van Integration
The technical production of the Axpo Super League games is performed by a cooperation of tv production center AG (tpc), Zurich, Plazamedia GmbH, Germany, and TV Unit, also Germany. The LiberoVision Box is mounted right into TV Unit's OB van and is connected to a hybrid EVS network with four XT/XT[2] servers. Therein, the system has access to all cameras, especially the lead camera, both penalty box cameras and the cameras behind the goal. The setup of the system in the OB van took about 30 minutes.

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