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Ligue 1 on Orange Foot (France)

League 1
The top game of every round in French Ligue 1 is broadcasted by Orange Foot. Orange Foot started operations in 2008 and offers its services over cable, IP-TV, and satellite. The four hour show on every Saturday evening is split into 3 editorial parts around the two half-times of the game. During one hour pre-game, both the two teams are introduced and the expert team with former French national team players Youri Djorkaeff, Christian Karembeu, and Franck Sauzée analyse the characteristics of both teams playing that night. During mid- and post-game, highlights, game analyses, and interviews are presented the viewers.

LiberoVision Integration

The LiberoVision system and operator are located in a separate OB van next to the main OB van. Though, this does not affect the productivity at all since scene selection, virtual view creation, and the annotations can be shown directly to the experts sitting in the studio in another truck. Using the communication infrastructure, the LiberoVision operator can then directly communicate with the expert to discuss the selection of the scene, potential 3D flights, and the suitable annotations for the pre-produced package.

The LiberoVision Box is connected directly to the EVS network and, thus, has access to all HD camera streams in the production. With that, it is easy to find the most suitable camera views for a specific scene and select them for further processing with LiberoHighlight. Before the game, the operator easily scans the entire network and pre-selects the potentially interesting cameras to reduce turn-around time even more.

Technical Integration

The productions of LiberoVision content of the Ligue 1 games for Orange is performed by SFP/Léo Vision, France. The LiberoVision Box is mounted right into SFP's OB van and is connected to a EVS network with five XT[2] servers.

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