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FIFA World Cup 2010 and EURO 2008 on ZDF (Germany)

With up to three "WM 3D Analyse" clips and several live analysis clips on air per broadcast day, the FIFA World Cup 2010 was great success for both Germany's largest broadcaster ZDF and LiberoVision. EURO 2008 was the first event, where ZDF used LiberoVision for the analysis show in their studio in Bregenz. Subsequently, the World Cup 2010 Qualifying coverage was enhanced with LiberoVision as well.
"We are very pleased with the outcome of LiberoVision's analyses. Viewer feedback shows that our audience is even waiting for ZDF's 3D analyses."
Christoph Hamm, head of programming ZDF, Germany

FIFA World Cup 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010

ZDF installed the full-featured LiberoVision system at the IBC in Johannesburg. Tight collaboration between editorial staff and LiberoVision operators resulted in up to two "ZDF 3D WM Analyses" per broadcast day plus several live analysis clips for ZDF's experts Oliver Kahn (former national goal keeper) and Urs Meier (former FIFA referee). "We are very pleased with the outcome of LiberoVision's analyses. Viewer feedback shows that our audience is even waiting for ZDF's 3D analyses", says Christoph Hamm, head of programming at ZDF.

FIFA World Cup 2010 Qualifiers

After EURO 2008, ZDF decided to keep LiberoVision as provider for the analysis technology. The experts Jürgen Klopp and Urs Meier left and were followed by Oliver Kahn, the famous former German National Team goalkeeper and captain. With Oliver Kahn as new pundit for the analysis highlights, slight changes in the technical setup allowed for an even better integration of LiberoVision into the production. Although Oliver Kahn had no experience with interactive telestration tools, he was immediately caught by the simple and intuitive user interface and learned very fast to use the system.

Being on site at the qualifying games resulted in access to all isolated camera streams of the production over the EVS network. In the end, this reduced turn-around time and increased the through-put of the LiberoVision crew. To have the interactive pen display in the spatially distant studio was solved with a fibre wire extension from the OB van. Up to 1000 feet can be covered with the current solution but in theory any distance up to 3000 feet can be covered.

EURO 2008

CEO with Touchscreen

Not only did they use the famous floating stage in Bregenz as public viewing arena, they also produced all coverage in a remote studio production located in the festival centre. For mid- and post-game analysis, the award-winning expert-trio Johannes B. Kerner, Jürgen Klopp, and Urs Meier made use of LiberoVision's interactive telestrator both in live interaction as well as with pregenerated clips. A complex setup with two touch screens in the open air studio and a third touch screen in a covered studio, allowed the experts to analyse the moves of the best European teams in any weather condition.

For preparing LiberoVision coverage, several heterogenous incoming feeds were available to LiberoVision via the EVS network: the multilateral clean feed with potential replays, the clip channel with a delay of 3-10 minutes as well as an additional synchronized camera behind the goal. All camera views necessary for generating a particular LiberoVision perspective were collected from these information sources by the LiberoVision operator and if need resynchronized. For that, the live feed and the according replays from different angels and maybe sources have been used to get the two required perspectives for a 3D replay. Due to the required resynchronization of the feeds a slightly longer turnaround time resulted. Nevertheless, all scenes were processed in time for the mid- and post-game analysis show. Pregenerated clips were stored by the LiberoVision system on the EVS network for easy integration into the live program.

Game analysis was primarily done by Jürgen Klopp and Urs Meier, each assisted by a dedicated editorial assistant. In the production centre, the editorial assistants and the LiberoVision operators were closely colocated for easy interaction. Frequent communication with the experts allowed for immediate feedback on the game situations for the analysis and the selection of the best virtual viewpoints.

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