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Libero Playbook – Strategies. Revealed.

Key Features

  • In-game 3D flights and replays available in 30-60 seconds
  • Explain the X's and O's using powerful telestration tools
  • Ultimate playbook analysis by combining two camera perspectives
  • Powerful 3D annotations such as arrows, areas, or player markings
  • One-box solution for easy production integration

Your benefits

  • Fascinate your viewers by pulling them even deeper into the action on the field
  • Empower your announcer with a fast tool breaking down key plays
  • Please your producer by not requiring any additional infrastructure in the stadium
  • Unburden your operator with an easy-to-use in-game system
  • Exploit synergies by using Libero Playbook for different sports

Libero Playbook is an ultra-fast version of Libero Highlight, offering 3D game analyses in less than 60 seconds. Is the game suddenly interrupted by an injury or a time-out, or the referee needs a minute with his assistants to decide on a difficult call? Libero Playbook allows broadcasters to analyze quickly - as the game unfolds. Seamlessly combine eye-catching 3D replays with powerful dynamic telestration to enhance your sports broadcasts. All major annotations are included, such as arrows, areas, player marks, etc. It does not require any additional infrastructure in the stadium making it suitable for hassle-free remote productions.


Please contact LiberoVision Sales for a free demo at your headquarters or any further information.

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