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LiberoVision provides integrated hard- and software products to generate unique imagery for sports broadcasts.
Libero Highlight provides realistically looking 3D replays and advanced virtual graphics for sports broadcast. Analyse interesting or controversial scenes from the perfect perspective. Seamlessly combine eye-catching 3D replays with sophisticated tracked telestration to provide your viewer with stunning game insights. Give your experts the ultimate tool for illustrative sports analyses.
Analyze the action as the game unfolds. Depending upon setup, in-game analysis can go live, on-air in as little as 30 seconds. LiberoVision's powerful 3D annotations work in the same way as Libero Highlight, seamlessly combining live camera feeds. All major annotations are included, such as arrows, areas, player marks, etc.
Was it offside or not? With Libero Offside, impress your viewers in-game by taking them onto the offside line and answering the question conclusively. Show your viewers the decisive and unique linesman view. Benefit from LiberoVision's realistic 3D perspectives within seconds after the incident. Resolve offsides instantly, conclusively, realistically with Libero Offside.

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